How the Star of ‘Kimberly Akimbo’ Found Beauty in Her Voice Again

Like Adam Guettel, who wrote the score of “The Light in the Piazza,” Tesori is one of the rare living composers who Clark believes truly understand the voice, and write for it. So despite her trepidation, she was tempted when, in early 2020, Tesori initially sent her some music from “Kimberly Akimbo.” Its score, in Clark’s estimation, includes “several perfect songs.”

“Everything in my blood, in my guts, I would have thrown myself down in traffic to do it,” she recalled. “But I said, ‘It’s not going to be right for me vocally.’ And she’s like, ‘Come to my office.’ She said, ‘Let’s just sing through it. It’s not an audition. I just want to hear you sing it, because I want to make sure you’re right.’ She didn’t say, ‘You’re wrong.’”

So Clark went, and Tesori put the Act I song “Anagram” down in front of her. Tesori played the music, and Clark started singing.

“It turns out, you know what?” Clark said. “My voice sounded OK, and I was kind of shocked about that.” An ambush of tears accompanied the memory, but she persevered. “When you’ve sung since you were 6, like I have, your voice is like your best friend, and I had kind of put her away for a little while. So, like, taking her out again? It was very emotional. And I had made such peace with it.”

Or maybe, she conceded, it was self-protection all along.

“I think a lot of it was just saying, I don’t want to disappoint myself,” she said. “Because stamina is the big thing. You can make a pretty sound, you can do a great show — once, two, three, four, even five times a week. We have to do it eight times a week.”

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