Cheese Croutons, Bulgogi Burgers and Crispy Rice

My job is to write to you about weeknight recipes, the dishes you can make at the end of a long day when you don’t have much time or energy, but still want something good to eat. But I’m a dessert person, and so first I must direct your attention to Melissa Clark’s new strawberry recipes, especially this strawberry cream cheese tart. Perfect for the long weekend!

In fact, all of this week’s selections work for Memorial Day weekend gatherings, in addition to the days that follow. But if you’re in need of more options, we’ve got a lot of recipes for you. Suggestions? Questions? Kitchen conundrums? Reach out to me anytime at And if you like New York Times Cooking, please consider subscribing.

While it’s ideal to make barbecued chicken on a grill, you don’t actually need one. In Ali Slagle’s new recipe, you brush boneless, skinless chicken with barbecue sauce and then sear it on the stove until the sauce caramelizes. Smoked paprika in the sauce hints at the flavor you’d get from the grill.

Kenji López-Alt has a genius tip for making better salmon that results in crisper skin and juicier flesh (even if you accidentally overcook it). The secret is salting the fish at least eight hours ahead. Try it!

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