Choose Your Own Cookout Salad Adventure

I am not what you’d call a go-with-the-flow woman. I like structure, I like itineraries, I like contingency plans. That may be why, for a presumably straightforward question like, “What should I bring to the cookout this weekend?” I can think of no other way to respond than with a detailed, multi-answer flow chart. (“Finally, a flow I can go with,” I whisper to no one in particular.)

So when your Memorial Day potluck host inevitably tells you to “bring a salad or something,” start here:

Would you consider yourself a potato salad purist?

If you answered yes, you’re going to want this pickle-y classic potato salad. But if you answered no …

Do you like your nontraditional potato salad herbaceous and green, or creamy and tangy?

For the herb lovers, say hello to this chive pesto potato salad that you can make ahead and, much like Memorial Day, acts as a bridge between spring and summer. And for the creamy hive, please make the acquaintance of this tangy tartar sauce potato salad! But if neither of those appeals …

We’re back to pasta salads. How do you feel about mayo with pasta?
If you’re into it, go all-in on macaroni salad with lemon and herbs, which is a livelier take on the midcentury standard thanks to capers, citrus zest and a little supplemental buttermilk. But if mayo gives you the ick …

Have you considered tahini?
This tahini-Parmesan pasta salad is nutty and savory, perfect for those who avoid heavy mayo-based dressings. (And if you’d like to make this salad vegan, try replacing the Parmesan with ⅓ cup nutritional yeast to start, as suggested by several readers in the recipe notes.)

View this recipe.

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Thanks for reading, and see you next week!

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