From Fairly Low Expectations, a Wonderful Surprise

Over the course of their relationship, Ms. Carter Altman and Dr. Uhrich became close with each other’s families. When Ms. Carter Altman’s father, Robert Altman, died in February 2021 from complications of a medical procedure, Dr. Uhrich became an important support system for the family.

“He was there, holding us up, taking off work to help us manage those first few days,” Lynda Carter Altman said. “His strength of character was remarkable. I don’t know what we would have done without him during that time.”

Carolyn Uhrich, Dr. Uhrich’s mother, said that the challenges her son and Ms. Carter Altman have gone through together as a couple have built a deep, solid foundation for their future. “They have been through more as a young couple the past five years than most married people in their first five years of marriage,” she said. “It has strengthened their relationship, and it has made them learn in a real world way how to lean on each other.”

In June 2022, Ms. Carter Altman and Dr. Uhrich went on a four-week vacation in Europe, traveling through London, Venice, Mallorca, Spain, and other places.

One evening, in Montalcino, Italy, as Ms. Carter Altman was getting ready for dinner, she suggested that instead of going to a restaurant, they order in. “He was like, no, no, no, we should really go downstairs,” she said.

With an engagement ring in his pocket, Dr. Uhrich led the way to Castello del Drago to watch the sunset. It was hot and humid, and bugs were flying through the air. When Ms. Carter Altman brushed a fern, she thought it was a huge insect and screamed. One of her rings flew off her finger. By the time they reached the top of the castle, she assumed that if Dr. Uhrich had planned a secret proposal, he had already abandoned the idea.

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